About Us

Photo: One Hundred Miles

We are a group of citizens who love and appreciate Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Protect Cumberland Island was organized to create awareness of the threats that a proposed commercial spaceport presents to the Cumberland Island National Seashore. Rockets launched from the spaceport would travel directly above this unique National Seashore, requiring closure and evacuation of part or all of the island, and putting the island at risk of exploding rockets that drop burning fuel and parts. Our supporters include those visitors who frequent the Cumberland Island National Seashore as day hikers, campers, residents, researchers as well as individuals who have not yet experienced the unspoiled serenity of this national treasure.

As a National Seashore, almost all of the island is owned by the American public. We have the right and obligation to protect it. We have joined together to amplify a clear and simple message: Cumberland Island National Seashore should not be put at risk from rockets.  Please take some time to review the information that we have assembled and join us in Protecting Cumberland Island.

“Cumberland Island National Seashore maintains the primitive, undeveloped character of one of the largest and most ecologically diverse barrier islands on the Atlantic coast, while preserving scenic, scientific, and historical values and providing outstanding opportunities for outdoor recreation and solitude.”

– Purpose Statement for Cumberland Island National Seashore