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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp
(404) 656-1776

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan
(404) 656-5030

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston
(404) 656-5020

United States Representative Buddy Carter
(912) 265-9019

United States Senator Raphael Warnock

United States Senator Jon Ossoff

State Representative Steven Sainz
(404) 656-0178

State Senator Sheila McNeill
(404) 656-9644

Camden County Commissioners

Lannie Brant, District 1:, (912) 552-4246
Chuck Clark, District 2:, (912) 674-8791
Trevor Readdick, District 3:, (912) 729-5555
Gary Blount, District 4:, (912) 882-2211
Ben Casey, District 5,, (912) 552-4703

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